What is Covered?

These are examples of services that may be covered. Some benefits are limited depending on your age and if you are pregnant. They may also be subject to pre-approval requirements. If you see a provider outside of our network, you may have to pay for services.

Benefits Coverage
Alternative Care Covered
Ambulance Covered
Dental Limited
Doctor Office Visits Covered
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Covered
Durable Medical Equipment Covered
Emergency Room Covered
Family Planning Covered
Hearing Exam and Aids Covered
Home Health Covered
Hospice Covered
Hospital Covered
Immunizations Covered
Interpreter Services Covered
Lab and X-Ray Covered
Mammograms Covered
Maternity Services Covered
Mental Health Covered
Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy Covered
Prescription Drugs Covered
Preventative Care Covered
Skilled Nursing Facility Covered
Tobacco Cessation Covered
Transportation to HealthCare Appointments Covered
Urgent Care Covered
Vision (Medical Conditions) Covered
Vision (Routine Exams, Fitting and Glasses/Contact Lenses)@ComparePlans. Covered
Well-Child Care Covered

What Isn't Covered

The following services are examples of things that are not covered:

  • Treatment for conditions that get better on their own, like colds
  • Conditions which have no useful treatment
  • Treatments that are not generally effective
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Services to help you get pregnant
  • Weight loss programs