Provider Notices

Important Notification Regarding COIHS Name Change Effective April 1st

3/29/2011 12:30:24 PM
Great News – This Friday COIHS will change to PacificSource Community Solutions!
CIM Update:
PhTech, our partner for Medicaid claims processing, has updated the CIM system. Attached is documentation showing you a brief overview of the changes you will find in CIM.  This information will also be posted on the CIM message board on 4/1.
Member Matierials:
New ID cards and a cover letter are scheduled to go out Friday to all Medicaid members. Please find attached copies of these documents.
It’s Just a Name:
Just a friendly reminder we are changing our name only;             
o   All benefits will remain the same
o   All claims submission information will remain the same
§ PhTech will continue to provide Customer Service and Claims Processing
What materials have been rebranded to reflect the new name?
·         Our new member Medicaid Website – 
·         CIM URL – – CIM change information attached
·         Member Packets (handbooks and provider directories)
·         ID Cards
·         Letters
·         EOBs
·         Provider RAs
·         Voicemail Greetings (PhTech)
·         Checks
Medicare Update:
We are continuing our progress on rebranding our current Clear One Health Plans Medicare program to PacificSource Medicare. We are on track for a May 1st launch date.   
Please note: Member ID cards and materials will not be updated with the new name and logo until 10/01/2011 to better coordinate with our system transition. We will continue to update you throughout the next several months.

COIHS Name Change and CIM
Name Change Letter for ID Card
DMAP Approved ID Card Template