Provider Notices

Payment for Behavioral Health Services Provided in Integrated Patient Centered Primary Care Homes (PCPCHs)

3/24/2016 8:52:20 AM

PacificSource is pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2016 we will begin reimbursing medically necessary behavioral health services provided by licensed behavioral health providers who deliver care as part of an integrated primary care team in PCPCHs. This is intended to facilitate and promote the assessment and treatment of many common behavioral health conditions in the primary care home – the setting where many of your patients feel most comfortable receiving their care. We expect that by offering integrated behavioral health treatment in primary care homes your patients will experience better care leading to better health outcomes and increased patient and provider satisfaction.

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that provides detailed information about the payment model, what is required to become eligible and how to submit your request to be considered for this reimbursement. Please do take time to review the FAQ in detail as only those providers who obtain eligibility and submit appropriate claim information will be reimbursed.