Provider Notices

Changes to Oregon Health Plan (OHP) prescriber enrollment implementation

1/30/2019 4:24:12 PM


  • Too many prescribers have not enrolled at this time, which would disrupt the care of OHP members. OHA is expanding its provider outreach strategies to get more prescribers enrolled to avoid interruptions to members’ prescription therapy.
  • To help us with this plan, please share this requirement with your colleagues and encourage prescribing providers and pharmacies to verify that OHA’s system recognizes them as an Oregon Medicaid provider.
  • If they aren’t recognized as Oregon Medicaid providers, they need to enroll with OHA or their local coordinated care organization (CCO) as soon as possible.

Providing services is voluntary; enrollment does not require a provider to serve all Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members. It does ensure your prescriptions to OHP members will be covered.

How to enroll
To enroll with OHA, prescribing providers can enroll using the OHP 3113 form. Pharmacies and other providers seeking direct reimbursement from OHA will need to complete a packet of four enrollment forms.

To learn which forms to complete and submit, visit OHA's Provider Enrollment page.

To enroll with a CCO, contact the CCO.


  • About prescriber enrollment: Contact Provider Enrollment at 800-336-6016 (Option 6) or
  • About fee-for-service prescription claims: Contact the Pharmacy Call Center at 888-202-2126. This number is for providers only.
  • About coordinated care organization (CCO) claims: Contact the CCO.