Provider Notices

OHA Behavioral Health Update: QMHA & QMHP credentialing timeline

3/15/2019 8:35:55 AM

To learn more and view the new timeline, please read the memo from OHA.


The following video by MHACBO also provides an overview of the new process.

QMHA & QMHP Credentialing Process Video Link


Grandparenting of currently credentialed QMHA and QMHP staff: Please complete grandparenting for all eligible QMHA/QMHP staff by July 31, 2019; learn more on the MHACBO website. All Clinical Supervisors who do not hold a license from a health or allied agency must be grandparented by this date. If they do not, they will need to complete the longer new applicant process, which may affect the duties they are allowed to conduct. Additionally, continue to enroll new staff as rendering providers with Oregon Medicaid, as appropriate.


For questions, please call PacificSource.