Provider Notices

Important Billing/Registration Changes

9/29/2006 11:15:31 AM
Clear Choice Health Plans – Select
Important Billing/Registration Changes
Exclusive to the following groups

We are proud to announce the addition of new large group commercial members effective October 1, 2006:

• High Desert ESD Discretionary Group (High Desert ESD and Redmond Administrative)
• Bend-LaPine School District Classified

Members effective November 1, 2006:
• Crook County School District

Exclusive to the above named groups, CCHP has partnered with the local Third Party Administrator, QVI, in order to effectively service these two new commercial groups. The division of operations is as follows.

Claims and Customer Service provided by QVI:
• Member eligibility;
• Claims adjudication – please submit paper claims on CMS 1500 forms until EDI submission capability verified; and
• All inquiries regarding claims status, remittance advice.

QVI Risk Solutions, Inc
PO Box 7199
Bend, OR 97708

Ph (541) 385-0566
Toll-free (800) 606-9644

Authorization Review provided by CCHP:
• Plan adheres to the CCHP Select plan prior auth requirements; including elective hospital procedure/admissions require prior auths;
• Auth requests must be fax’d to CCHP for review;
• Auth request forms available on our Provider Page at or by calling CCHP Medical Affairs; and
• Authorization inquires should be directed to CCHP by calling the phone number below; this information will not be available on Clear Link/ePower.

CCHP Medical Affairs
Ph (541) 385-5315
Fax (541) 382-6898