Provider Notices

Voicemail Difficulties-Urgent

12/6/2006 11:55:08 AM
Very Important!

Clear Choice Health Plans is currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the voicemail system. There is a possibility that the system could be down for 2 days. Here is what you should do:

1. If you have left a voicemail for someone at Clear Choice Health Plans since last night at 4:30PM, please call again. There is a high possibility that voicemails left during this time will be lost.
2. If you have an URGENT issue and need to speak to someone right away and are not getting through on their direct line, please call the front desk at (541) 385-5315 or (888) 863-3637 and leave a message with one of the receptionists.
3. If you have the individual’s email you are trying to contact, please send your message to them that way. Here is a general email for Provider Relations if you have questions and are unable to reach someone:
a. Provider Relations –
4. PLEASE relay this information to any staff at your office that may be calling Clear Choice Health Plans.