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835 PLB Segment Enhanced To Include Patient Account Number Effective 8/16/2020

6/15/2020 2:12:05 PM

IF you are currently enrolled to receive 835 ERAs, the below enhancement will result in additional data you receive via 835 transaction on corrected claims.  IF you are not currently enrolled to receive 835 ERAs, and are interested in doing so please see the attached form. Download form.

Beginning August 16, 2020, the 835 PLB segment sent on an adjustment will have the provider's patient account number added to the 835 PLB segment.  This enhancement will enable providers to track and post to the patient more easily.  No existing data is being removed or changed.  The only change is that we have added this additional field containing patient account number to the existing 835 PLB segment. 


CAS*CO*45*39.84~REF*6R*54321~AMT*B6*209.16~LQ*HE*N381~PLB*1902J27772*20201T31*WO:11113944X000 10799X7420*216.25~SE*70*0002~GE*2*3490~IEA*1*000059014~ 

Please reach out to your Provider Service Representative with any questions you have. 

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