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Traditional Health Worker (THW) Liaisons

8/17/2020 4:03:08 PM

The THW Liaison team is available to support the integration and utilization of THWs (birth doulas, personal health navigators, peer support specialists, youth support specialists, family support specialists, peer wellness specialists and community health workers). Working in partnership with the Provider Services team, the Liaisons can assist THWs with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) approved training, OHA THW certification, best practices and other technical assistance. Contact us at (541) 640-8742.

Traditional Health Workers can help connect your patients to a broad range of services that improve health and wellness. They provide information, tools and support. Traditional Health Workers can be found in community based organizations and in clinics. They have similar life experiences with the people they serve and are trained to know how to support patient specific goals. 

There are 7 different types of THWs that a member has access to:

Birth Doula: Assist pregnant people and their family with pre-natal, childbirth and post-partum care.

Personal Health Navigator: Enables a patient to make the best health care decisions.

Peer Support Specialist: Focuses on recovery from addiction/mental health conditions.

Youth Support Specialist: Assists youth in accessing addiction/mental health and other supportive services.

Family Support Specialist: Provides support to individuals parenting a child with a mental health condition.

Peer Wellness Specialist: Focus on recovery from addiction/mental health and physical conditions.

Community Health Worker: Assist individuals and their community to achieve positive health outcomes.

Please see the PacificSource Community Solutions webpage for more information on how to become OHA certified as a THW.

Additional Resources

PSCS THW Liaisons by Region

Columbia Gorge: TBD,

Lane County: Iris Bicksler, CHW, PSS, Doula,

Marion and Polk Counties: TBD,

Central Oregon: TBD,