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Provider Notices

Board Registered Interns: Effective 8/1/21

6/30/2021 2:04:19 PM

Effective 8/1/2021, Board Registered Interns will be required to bill PacificSource Community Solutions under their own name, NPI and Medicaid ID. Previously, these practitioners were required to bill under their supervisor as incident to.

This applies to: a) Psychologist Associate Residents as described in OAR 858-010-0037; (b) Licensed Psychologist Associate under continued supervision as described in OAR 858-010-0038; (c) Licensed Professional Counselor intern or Marriage and Family Therapist intern registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists as described in OAR 833-050-0011; (d) Certificate of Clinical Social Work Associate issued by the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers as described in OAR 877-020-0009.

In order for a Board Registered Intern to be participating, they must be part of a contracted group with PCS. They will also need to be validated through Credentialing in order for claims to be paid without prior authorization. Validation applications must be completed and returned to PacificSource prior to 8/1/2021 to ensure no disruption in claims payments.  

If you have any questions, please contact our Provider Service team at


Commonly Asked Questions


Q: As an Intern, now that I can bill claims under myself, does this mean I can practice on my own?

A: In order to be considered a participating provider, Interns must remain a W2 employee of a PacificSource Community Solutions contracted group.



Q: How do I ensure that I am ready to go and to begin billing under my own name on 8/1/2021?

A: Complete validation applications must be submitted to PacificSource prior to 8/1/2021.  Interns will also need to have active Medicaid IDs. If you are unsure if you already have an active Medicaid ID, please reach out to our Provider Service Team to verify.



Q: If I do not have my validation application submitted and/or a Medicaid ID by 8/1/2021, can I continue to bill under my Supervisor until I do?

A: Effective 8/1/2021, all Board Registered Interns must bill under their own name. Claims that are submitted under your supervising provider after that date would be considered fraudulent.



Q: My group’s contract with PacificSource Community Solutions is through RBH, do I need to contact them to complete validation?

A: No, validations should still be completed directly with PacificSource. Please see above links to application.